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Every Violin For Sale

Ye Olde Violin Shoppe offers every kind of violin for sale, as well as violin bows, cases and related items. Enjoy violin history and anecdotes from a collector with over 40 years experience in the violin world. Whether you're seeking a violin for sale or are just a violin enthusiast who enjoys reading about violins, Ye Olde Violin Shoppe is your portal to this fascinating world.

JB Vuillaume 1863 violin So pour some of your favorite beverage and relax while you embark on a journey into the world of everything the world of violin collecting has to offer--the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

As you browse the shoppe, don't be surprised if the scents of violin varnish & rosin soon waft throught the air as if you were holding and playing these old violins in your arms right where you are. It's then
        J.B. Vuillaume 1863         that you'll know you've stepped back in time to a little old place that is home to the master violin makers of long ago. A place I like to call... Ye Olde Violin Shoppe.

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