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The Messiah Strad

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Ye Olde Violin Shoppe Presents...

The Messiah Strad

The Messiah Strad, allegedly made in 1716, had had its authenticity questioned by modern day experts. In Hill's book Antonio Stradivari: His Life & Work, p. 64 states "Were it but 8 days instead of 186 years old, it could not present a fresher appearance." On page 45, Hill states "sound holes, edges, and corners are treated differently to anything we have hitherto seen or shall hereafter see" (written 1902).

The edges look French in that they don't have the rounded "pillow edge" that is seen on every known Stradivari. The F hole placement is also different than authentic Stradivari F holes. Some defenders of its authenticity point to the tree ring analysis performed on the Messiah Strad. One does not have to be a genius to know that Vuillaume certainly would have had access to 134 year old wood in 1850 that was available in antique furniture and old buildings.

Mr. Robert Wright has developed a computerized violin identification program that has identified many Strad violins using proportional analysis. To learn the results of his computer analysis of the Messiah Strad, visit his site: Violin Maker Identification.

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