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Ye Olde Violin Shoppe Presents...

The Three Masters

Nicolo Amati

The greatest artist of this family. Born 1596, Died 1684 at age 88. The tone of Amati's instruments is not brilliant, but sweet and penetrating.

Antonio Stradivari

Stradivari instruments have a beautiful tone and great carrying power. Born in Bergamo, Italy 1644. Died Dec. 18, 1737 at the age of 93. Stradivari completes a violin in the year of his death which has the inscription "D'Anni 93".

Joseph Guarnerius

An outstanding genius born in Cremona, Italy in the year 1686. Guarnerius worked only a few blocks from Antonio Stradivari. His labels bear the letters "IHS". These letters mean "Jesus Homininum Salvator" which translates to "Jesus, the Savior of Mankind". His labels state that he was a student of Gisalberti.

His violins have a powerful and sonoraus tone and some of his violins are rapidly approaching the prices that a Stradivari has brought at auction (over a half-million U.S. dollars). Some of Guarneri's violins with beautifully flamed one piece back are so magnificenrtly varnished that they remind one of a lovely sunset.

It is worth noting that Antonio Stradivari was apprenticed to Nicolo Amati at about 13 years of age. And although many of the Amatis died of the plague, Nicolo Amati survived to teach the immortal Stradivari the supreme art of violin making.

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